Potential Markets


Though the desalination market is extremely diverse (as illustrated in the figure below) only the brackish and seawater desalination markets are fully mature.



AquaOmnes® can not only be adapted to the above markets but can also address new applications where selective desalination would be beneficial. This is because

AquaOmnes® is based on the use of proprietary ion-absorbing liquids, which can be customized to selectively bind different salts. This level of customization is what makes AquaOmnes® suitable for a wide range of markets through introducing smart desalination


Adionics targets all markets where massive and/or selective salts removal makes sense. On a short- to mid-term basis, AquaOmnes® can be used on saline effluents from industrial plants used by Chemistry, Food & Beverage, Liquid Waste, Pharma and niche markets. On a mid- to long term basis, AquaOmnes® will be implemented on large municipal, Oil & Gas and Power facilities.

In addition to being technically effective, AquaOmnes® is also a cost effective solution. Why? There are three main sources of high costs associated with current technologies all of which are neutralized by the good sens design of AquaOmnes®.


Cost source Current technologies AquaOmnes®
Usage conditions

High energy use and high pressure

Usage of antiscalants

Ambient  pressure and low grade heat

No antiscalants required


Low water recovery (around 50%)

High feed water salinity leads to exponential increases in costs

Water recovery rates above 80% for seawater equivalent effluents

Minimal effect of  feed water salinity on cost


Stainless steel materials required to withstand pressure and corrosiveness

Oversized systems are required leading to an expensive, heavy system with a large footprint and civil works

Non-stainless steel materials such as fiberglass and PVC can be used

High compacity and lightweight technology means a smaller set-up, limited civil works and lower start-up fees




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