Technology Benefits

The innovative nature of AquaOmnes® allows us to go beyond classical desalination applications and creates a blue ocean of new opportunities for many users as well as the desalination industry.

  1. Capacity to desalt brines and highly saline effluents (for example, Produced water)
  2. Ability to selectively remove salts such as monovalents, divalents or single species (for example, the removal of divalent cations for EOR applications, the selective removal of potassium, Lithium etc.)
  3. Capacity to further concentrate brines (ultrabrines) thereby allowing for the minimization of waste ahead of disposal, Zero Liquid Discharge or the concentration of valuable ions
  4. Affordable capex due to the technology’s simplicity and reliance on inexpensive materials and opex due to low grade energy consumption
  5. Chance to reduce the industry’s environmental impact

The above characteristics are the basis of the smart desalination proposed by Adionics and declined in 3 offers:

  • Selectex standing for selective extraction (example: Lithium)
  • Smartex standing for smart extraction (example: separating divalent cations from monavelnt ones in some EOR applications)
  • Saltex standing for saltextraction (examples: desalting produced water or concentrating brines above 200gr/L).

Benefits vs desalnation challenges:

Global Water Intelligence (GWI), the leading provider of business news and analysis on the global water industry, listed the top 10 industry challenges that, if overcome, would create the biggest value for the desalination industry. AquaOmnes® overcomes three of the top five challenges: the ability to selectively separate desired salts, desalinate on a large-scale with solar energy and avoid the use of antiscalants.


Furthermore, the adaptability of AquaOmnes means that we can serve clients from a broad range of industries all over the world.

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